Our Mission

Available end user options provide our clients the ability to generate additional revenue while reducing the cost of reaching their audience. Whether it’s a guest motivational speaker, a professional fitness instructor, streaming a live DJ to your event or streaming your event for pay per view and/or using donation options, Worldcast Live Media Platform(LMP) is the cost effective solution.

Our Technology

Our platform allows any venue to stream a DJ, Performer or Guest Speaker from anywhere in the world, utilizing our *2-way stream (LMP), to perform live during their event. Any event holder or charity event promoter interested in broadcasting their event can use this platform to stream their event live and integrate the pay per view or donation feature in order to generate additional revenue with our no risk no money down model.

The Worldcast Difference

The Worldcast Live Media Platform is a full duplex (2-way stream) system that allows the broadcaster and the receiver to connect with full communication in high quality. Additionally, LMP platform employs MVS (Multiple Venue Streaming) allowing the ability to stream one DJ, Performer or Guest Speaker into as many as 20 venues simultaneously without signal loss. Our systems communication capabilities are built around the social networking environment and integrate APS (Automatic Promotion System) where all subscribers are connected to any event holder they subscribe to and are automatically alerted to any future event/s created by that event holder /presenter / broadcaster.


Your live concert or event online worldwide.


Attend a concert or event remotely worldwide.


Professors teach Students worldwide.


Select your classes, choose your teachers anytime, anywhere.


Fashion Designers showcase worldwide


Never miss out on a fashion show or hor new design again


Trainers reach more clients online around the world


Recieve interactive instruction in the comfort of your zone