Entertainment Industry

WorldCast Live continues to create numerous opportunities for excellence in the Entertainment Industry. Check how we present entertainment in your live events.

Virtual or Hybrid

We have the ready live video streaming software to contain your upcoming concerts, intriguing festival shows, and your large audience. Going Virtual or Hybrid? Choose WorldCast Live.

Live Video Streaming Software | Worldcast Live
CMS Software | Content Management Software

Save, Upload, Manage, Group, and Tag

Ready widgets that give you the absolute right to save your live events, upload videos concerning your preferred themes, manage your content and group them based on user access, tag the content to specific fans.

Connect & Entertain

Presenting you the right engagement tools that interact and satisfy your followers before, during, and after the event. For instance, we just don’t entertain your consumers, but also help you build, connect with them and secure your career in the Entertainment Industry.

Our resources are ready for you to go live in a matter of minutes to showcase your expertise or performance.

Entertainment Industry |  Live Audio Streaming Software

Moreover, we also have a calendar feature for scheduling events and notifying viewers and followers of upcoming events

  • Host a live feed with your professional team in different locations globally.
  • Manage content from live feeds from multiple sources and devices into one HD output stream.
  • A unique live audio streaming software that ensures perfect sync, especially when instrumentalists and DJs connect with you from different locations.
  • The ideal live fundraising platform that enables you to give live presentations to investors to attract funding, receive donations and support after interacting with your viewers.


Do you want to gamify your events? Allow your consumers to enjoy the interactive experience they deserve with our amazing Augmented Reality features on the Unimerse app. Our technology connects artists, consumers, venues, sponsors, artists, and DJs across multiple devices. Augmented Reality is our leverage for the Entertainment Industry.

Target fans in venues with new interactive giveaways

  • No shelf space is needed to host products in venues.
  • Create a new immersive AD experience in festivals.
  • User experience is customized by preferences.

Fans earn rewards

  • Include fan engagement in your events to engage your fans while they wait in the lines for rewards.
  • Customize content live trivia, VIP passes, free drinks, and more.

    Brand integration

  • Bring brands to the concert/party using Augmented Reality.
  • No limit to content because no shelf space is required.
  • Users enjoy a truly immersive experience.
  • Increase ROI with fans with disposable cash.
  • Use data to drive fans back to brands and stores.

    Advanced reporting gives brands increased ROI

  • Detailed reporting was used for improved marketing.
  • Brands can change the way they AD experience.
  • Trending and Predictive data for better ROI.