About Us

Worldcast live is a live cloud based Software that uses service technology solutions to provide live interactive streaming, content management tools, marketing, loyalty programs, and entertainment gamification, to retain and incentivize consumers for engaging with the clients we service.

We help the entertainment industry grow and thrive in the new normal by allowing them to take their business fully virtual from artist tours, concerts, PPV events, listening parties, and much more.

With the real-time sync feature, we allow performers from separate locations to perform together in real-time live and deliver a combined performance to unlimited audiences worldwide.

We have removed the barrier of distance and combined it with cutting-edge technology to make live presentations on business projects, health needs, and fitness regimes truly global.

For live entertainment fans, we have created the UniMerse app that rewards fans for engaging with loyalty rewards and points so each facet of the entertainment industry can win.

The exclusive solution for virtual and hybrid events, enhanced by our unique technology

WorldCast live combines efficient production services with large-scale technology to offer high-quality virtual and hybrid events for even 10,000 attendees. Whether you're meeting virtually or in a hybrid format, choose our space and we'll handle the rest.

The focal point of Technology and Hospitality

  • Loyal Team

    An Amazing Team to support your events.

  • Versatility

    Supports virtual and hybrid events including one-way streaming and two-way streaming.

  • Technology

    A great virtual event site that is complemented by our easy-to use Unimerse app.