Online Teaching and Learning: The Future of The Educational Field

When the pandemic became so aggressive, not only were businesses shut down and forced to move online, but the Educational Field had to follow suit. It is an undisputed fact that online teaching and learning is the future of the Educational Field. This sector has been evolving with time and now teachers and students have to adapt to the new change. When was the last time you learned a thing or two in a classroom setting? While it is still possible to find some institutions still teaching and learning in the classroom, this practice which used to be more pronounced some years ago has slowly dwindled owing to many factors including the impending pandemic. Most institutions are migrating to virtual classroom software to aid in teaching and learning. While recent surveys confirm the discomfort most students and even teachers have shown towards online teaching and learning, there is not much that can be done other than enhancing the software for online teaching and learning to be equally productive as the physical mode of teaching and learning.

Virtual Classroom software

As an educational institution, whether you are thinking of a virtual class meeting (tutors teaching from home and students learning from home) or a hybrid setting (tutors teaching from the lab or class and students learning from home), we have made provisions for you on our virtual classroom software. WorldCast Live is bent on protecting the educational growth of future leaders who are capable of impacting society. We ensure and maintain the flexibility of academic schedules such as scheduling classes, having virtual staff meetings, and even reaching out to parents of the various students. Check what we have in place for educational institutions.

 Education Field

WorldCast Live provides features for the Education field

Two-way streaming

Teachers can have efficient discussions with students, address their concerns and access them.

Content Management Tools

We have ready tools that enable tutors, to save, send and manage the deadlines of assignments. Teachers can also have a chat session with their students, either group chat or private chat. Exercises and tests can also be conducted with ease.


Information and content of institutions are secured and protected from threats.


Our widgets are simple to use and so come in handy or are accessible to young school children who know basic technology. We have simplified these tools to ensure that students, teachers, and the institution as a whole can adapt to the use of our software as early as possible and proceed with smooth online teaching and learning.

online teaching and Learning

Why our Live video streaming platform is suitable for your Education field needs?

Our virtual classroom software boosts online learning. We have considered the various problems and risks associated with moving your Educational Set up online or including the online mode in your institution. Our focus as we arrange our platform to house your academic needs is “engagement and productivity.” While we ensure that teachers convey information and knowledge to students efficiently, we also provide various tools that ensure student engagement to promote productivity. Our tools are tailored to suit your needs and preference. They can easily be incorporated into your company website so that clients can manage the online teaching and learning at their own pace and convenience.
For more information about the big package we have in store, check the Educational Field on our website. We hope this article stirred up your confidence to begin your virtual classroom journey with us. We appreciate you taking your time to read this. Do you have any questions or feedback, share with us in the comment section below.

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