Fitness Industry

Getting fit just got more interesting with WorldCast Live.

The opportunity to step up your game

A new opportunity for health trainers to upgrade their fitness careers in the center and at home with virtual platforms: Live workout drills, special health videos, challenges, meditations, and more. Let us give fitness junkies the chance to find you by providing conducive resources for them

Integrated payment, Secured payment

With our integrated payment solutions, it is your moment to simplify your gym’s operations. Your customer payments are secured and safe and suitable for PayPal and Debit/Credit cards.

The Health Community

The suitable all-in-one fitness management software for health studios, gym experts, personal trainers, and other fitness businesses. Customize your training routine and time to suit your clients.

Specialized widgets like the calendar feature enable you to set time reminders to alert your trainees for their sessions.

Two-way streaming offers your trainees the opportunity to give feedback, ask questions and present their issues

The platform is also suited for emergencies. Want to hold a live meeting now? We have the right tools to aid you.