Corporate Business

Giving Businesses leverage by providing space and widgets that enable you to manage
your content, upload content (video, image, document), arrange content based on user
access, tag the content to specific members to enhance security.


WCL helps Corporate businesses to dominate in their fields by providing them with
the right space, tools, and resources to suit their needs.

One-way and Two-way streaming made accessible.

Deliver live presentations to your working staff.

Inform members of your new and upcoming projects with one-way or two-way streaming.

We have the ideal formula that takes care of your two-way streaming. Host pic in pic discussions with members to make plans or meet investors to receive investments.

Content Management Tools

Assign tasks, duties, or Live explanations with our simple but resourceful tools where your board members can view whatever transpires in high quality.

A content management tool that keeps track of all tasks to be done by board members.


The calendar feature serves as a reminder to enable staff to track and prepare for upcoming meetings and live meetings.

Special color codes make meeting schedules easy to identify by members.


Ask board members questions and get responses or vote on pressing issues by enabling the “Polls/Voting” feature.

Right Space to Embedded API

The convenient space to hold your

Exclusive Webinars

Marketing or trade seminars

Inspiring on-job training sessions

It Cooperates with your Corporation

The platform seamlessly integrates with your corporate infrastructure
to give you the best experience.