Mission Statement

WCL API Platform and Unimerse App targets the millions of fans attending concerts, festivals, parties and events on a global basis. Major festivals range in size from 50,000 attendees to 1,000,000 attendees and span multiple days of attendance. This demographic is looking for a more immersive personalized experience which will create a loyal fan base before, during and after the event day.
The WCL platform aims to use a combination of tools such as Interactive live-streaming, immersive augmented reality rewards, loyalty based points and curated content to allow the brands to target the consumer on a more granular level

Our Technology

During the COVID time, we adapted the studio to be fully remote where we can handle full virtual productions. The whole entire team can work from home with a skeleton crew in the studio and put on a live festival, concert, and much more. The full production is seamless and multiple locations can be seamlessly merged into a run of show that produces a very engaging show for the online audience. With the real-time sync, we have solved the issue of remote performances across long distances by allowing performers to perform together in full HD with audio and video and sync those multiple streams for the listening audience. In one complete package, we provide clients with live technology, fan engagement, production teams, and content packaging capabilities along with live revenue options for their live events.

Live Video and Audio Synchronization

World Cast Live provides a full duplex (2-way stream) system that allows the broadcaster and the receiver to connect with full communication in high quality

  • Live one way streaming with low latency.
  • Easy integration into your website and business.
  • Two-way streaming for customer engagement.
  • Artist can perform together remotely in perfect sync from anywhere in the world.
  • Host a live feed with your professional production team in different locations globally.
  • Manage content from live feeds from multiple sources and devices into one HD output stream.

Fan Engagement

Target fans in the venue with new interactive giveaways

  • No shelf space needed to host products in venues
  • Create a new immersive Ad experience in festivals
  • User experience is customized by preferences

Fans earn rewards in the line for events

  • Engage the fans while they wait in lines with rewards
  • Customize content like trivia, vip passes, free drinks
  • Create a new experience for fans in the lines

The Worldcast Difference

Worldcast Live is a Live Digital Production Studio in the Cloud. We help the entertainment industry continue in the new normal by allowing them to take their business fully virtual from artist tours, concerts, PPV events, listening parties, and much more. With the realtime sync feature, we also allow performers from separate locations to perform together in real-time live and deliver a combined performance to unlimited audiences worldwide. We have removed the barrier of distance and combined it with cutting edge technology to make live entertainment truly global. For the fans of the live entertainment, we have created the unimerse app that rewards fans for engaging with loyalty rewards and points so each facet of the entertainment industry is able to win.


Your live concert or event online worldwide.


Attend a concert or event remotely worldwide.

Online Education

In the Education sector WCL focuses on remote learning with the use of live sync in the performing arts sector.


Select your classes, choose your teachers anytime, anywhere.


Fashion Designers showcase worldwide


Never miss out on a fashion show or new design again

Health Care

In the Healthcare sector WCL focuses on loyalty rewards and retention programs to help the Health Care Carriers retain more revenue.


Receive interactive instruction in the comfort of your zone