About Us

Worldcast Live is a Live Digital Production Studio in the Cloud. We help the entertainment industry continue in the new normal by allowing them to take their business fully virtual from artist tours, concerts, PPV events, listening parties, and much more. With the realtime sync feature, we also allow performers from separate locations to perform together in real-time live and deliver a combined performance to unlimited audiences worldwide. We have removed the barrier of distance and combined it with cutting edge technology to make live entertainment truly global. For the fans of the live entertainment, we have created the unimerse app that rewards fans for engaging with loyalty rewards and points so each facet of the entertainment industry is able to win.

The Worldcast Difference

Content Curation

By tailoring the content delivered to the user before the mall visit, user loyalty is increased.

Live Video/Audio Sync

A full duplex (2-way stream) system that allows the broadcaster and the receiver to connect with full communication in high quality.

Points Rewards

News Feed and Points system allow users to earn points in the engagement app then redeem real rewards.

Embed Media Plugin

Giving clients’ access to control the live stream software and tailor to each website’s style.

AR Gamification

By gamifying the experience the engagement is fun and interactive. Brands use virtual objects to engage patrons. Brands can do products, services or coupon giveaways. Detailed tracking gives brands a better gauge on investment return.

QR Code Redemption

Use QR Codes to seamlessly redeem items from your digital wallet from brands. Its quick and easy and removes the barrier of cash and cards.