Lunch Money Sneaker Series (Special guest Malcom Garret)

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804 King of Foams and J's

U need some school boy glasses when u doing ur interviews lol. Naw j/k you doing da damn thang.


Great job on the interview keep grinding man. S/O to all us big footers in the sneaker game, we don’t get a lot of kicks we would like. WAVE MOB


Keep doing your thang G (NoHomo) Birthday 12/20 can you bless me with a shout out


"Pay it forward it comes back" Wise words... Wavy we wanna see you win outchea 4real... BTW those cutscenes always comedy... Peace from the SC 803 all the way up here to Kingsbridge BX


Keep up the good work fam


Great interview , love your funny clips you put with the interview , you have me lmao , peace and blessings


Nice interview

Ewing Squad 33

Dope 1st interview! love your edits..the ric flair had me rollin lol