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A Customized Platform Designed To Accomodate Anyone From Fitness Trainers To Motivational Speakers.

My Platform On Live Streaming

This platform is designed to accommodate any professional with special needs such as a personal trainer setting up daily, weekly or monthly training sessions one on one or multiple trainees at the same time. Even labeling levels of intensity for each workout sessions. Teachers, Instructors, Fashionistas, and Motivational speakers can also setup classes, fashion shows, or seminars in a similar schedule manner and have anyone pay to view the stream from the comfort of their own home.

This platform is ideal for patrons who are uncomfortable in a crowded environment, might not be permitted to attend outside events due to health reasons, or might be a little uncomfortable working out in front of other people.

Benefits Of The My Platform On Live (Professionals)

  • Setup set daily, weekly or multiple sessions for one on one or multiple patrons at once.
  • Interact with patrons from their most comfortable environment, their homes.
  • Setup personalized 2-way one on one or multiple patron sessions or 1-way multiple patrons sessions.
  • Generate potential revenue via our ad bases system during stream.
  • Earn more revenue in a shorter space of time with our auto session back to back switching.
  • Stream in high quality video and audio.

Benefits Of The My Platform On Live (Patrons)

  • Interact with professionals from the comfort of your own home.
  • Join any session at anytime on your own schedule.
  • Request a one on one session with any professional.
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