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Stream Your Event Over The Web Via Pay-Per-View Option With No Hefty Upfront Payment And Pay Only A Small Setup Fee.

Event On Live Streaming

Provides a unique opportunity for event promoters to present their events to a larger online audiences while generating additional revenue. This dynamic service is provided with virtually no risk involved, requiring only a small setup fee. The event promoter simply creates a URL which can be used to promote their event via email or social media sites allowing viewers to quickly access the event page and purchase virtual seats to view the event live online.
This service is perfect for any promoter of large or small concerts wishing to elevate and expose their event to a larger worldwide audience and include the option to significantly increase their revenue. Promoters can now generate extra revenue by using the paid per view and/or donation options for their online patrons and even further increase their revenue potential via the Ad system where Ads can be displayed during the event stream.
Having a wedding or special event that family or friends are not able to attend? No problem! With our platform you can purchase blocks of views to send to those you wish to be part of your event and allow them to view it online from the comfort of their homes.

Benefits Of The Event On Live

  • Earn additional revenue with online pay per view ticket sales and/or the donation feature.
  • Earn additional revenue via ad system during stream.
  • Elevate and expose your event to a larger worldwide audience.
  • Stream your special occasion to family & friends around the world.
  • Stream simply with a webcam (small venues) or professional setup (large venues).
  • Broadcast event in high quality video and audio.
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