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Design for Manufacturing Summit


Event: Networked Manufacturing


Venue Name: Brooklyn Navy Yard Center
Location: Brooklyn Navy Yard 63 Flushing Ave #300 New York, NY 11205
Time: 06pm - 09pm
Details: As the maker movement takes off and hobbyists seek to scale up production, a related field of networked or distributed manufacturing service is growing.

Providers that offer design, fabrication and sourcing service to design entrepreneurs are creating their niches by specializing in materials, sectors or models of support.

Sarah Krasley, Senior Sustainable Manufacturing Lead at Autodesk, guides a discussion on the services and experiences of key start-ups in this unique new manufacturing industry.

-Sarah Krasley, Senior Sustainable Manufacturing Lead at Autodesk

- Soria Amon,
- Tanu Kamar, Made in NYC, Pratt Center for Community Development
- Tanya Menendez, Maker's Row
- Mihae Mukaida, Machinemade
- Jonathan Placa, ProtoExchange

This event is part of the Maker Matters Series, in support of our exhibit, Making it in NYC: the Era of New Manufacturing. Check our calendar of events for talks, tours and more.


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